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Hello, and welcome to my blog.  I guess you’re wondering what made me decide to create a blog of this nature.  Attention is being drawn towards the number of women who are having hysterectormies and are discovering well after the fact that they had other alternative choices they were not made aware of.  Often I’ve found that this is due to lack of research and communication with their health provider.  Also, I’ve seen women on television in tears because their child bearing days were taken away from them.  And it sort of broke my heart because it appeared that the awareness of the available treatments are not made widely known.  There are questions that aren’t being answered, treatments not being made known, and OB/GYN surgeons convincing some women it’s their only option.

The Fibroid Awareness Group is going to make every effort to find the information and post it here.  Answer questions as best I can coming from experience.  Provide support to women who have nowhere else to turn and just lend an ear to those who need to vent about their experience.  I had my surgery, a hysterectomy, January 2009.  I went in with both eyes open.  In making the decision I had asked two questions:

  1. Am I done having kids?
  2. How will this affect my family?

It is very important that family be involved, so they are aware of what lays ahead.

Posts on this site are for information purposes only.  However, if any of the information has been helpful, it would be much appreciated if you could make a small donation.  Proceeds will go towards building a foundation to further gathering/collecting data to post here and to establish a network to further increase the awareness of available treatments to women diagnosed with fibroid tumors.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just did a fibroid operation, but the doctor said there is still one remaining on the bladder, how can it be removed

    • I hope that after posting this comment you were able to have that one tumor removed, and that you are in the best of health. But to answer your question, an additional procedure or surgery would have to be performed to remove it. It was one of those that would later on grow and cause additional discomfort to you, that would generally be the route to go for removal.

      Was it removed and what procedure did you go through?

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