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Treatments for Fibroid Tumors in Today’s Era

The UC of San Francisco provides valuable information on treating fibroid tumors using today’s new treatment options.  This pretty much confirms my previous email on how fibroids are treated, but in their article they list specific medications that are given to treat the fibroids without the need of surgical procedures.

The problem I find — and have heard from other women — is that the use of hormonal medication is not as affective as a surgical procedures that can remove the fibroids permanently.  There is news for women who seek continue having children with the myomectomy which is the best procedure to opt for if child bearing remains an option.

I encourage women who have been diagnosed with fibroid tumors to read the Fibroid Treatment article.  This is current information and will shed some light on the different treatment options that are available.  One thing this article does not provide information on and that is how the procedures are performed.  When seeking treatment advice from your physician and/or OB/GYN you will want to be sure you ask these questions and arm yourself with as much information as possible.


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