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Welcome to The Fibroid Awareness Group

It’s important that women diagnosed with fibroid tumors be aware of the many options available to them today.  New treatements are being introduced in the hopes of providing women with better and additional options with shortened recovery periods.  But it is amazing as to the number of women who are not aware and are not given the opportunity to make choices suitable to their own health needs.

This blog is created to provide information and resources for women who are considering treatments for their fibroid tumors, women who are post surgery, and women who are unsure of what to do after being diagnosed.  It bothered me that a number of women who have had a hysterectomy are feeling like their are living in a nightmare, regretting having gone through that process.  This leads me to believe that they did not have the opportunity to view their options, discuss what’s available with their physician or even research the number of treatments available.  Ladies, this site is for you!  I hope I bring some comfort to many by bringing women together.


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